Containerized Seawater Desalination

Seawater Desalination Plant

Destination plantRaw water with a TDS of up to 40.000 ppm serves as a raw water source for the desali- nation plant. For prevention of accumu- lation, suspended solids on the membrane surface the raw water is filtered over a fine filter. This pretreatment measure guarantees that no solids interfere with the desalination process.

Reverse osmoses is a reliable technology for desalination. Therefore the required intake water quality to the reverse osmoses is essential. It is known that, most of the operation problems of an reverse osmoses system is linked with poor quality of intake water to the reverse osmoses.

It ́s very important to take proper pretreat- ment technology in order to optimize the lifetime of membrane, chemical dosing duration, operation cost, project construc- tion space, project capital investment, and so on. Therefore, an efficient pretreatment has to be established by the client to guarantee the system running.

The desalination equipment is installed in one container, which is completely prefabri- cated.



Production of drinking water and water for irrigation and industrial processes. Containerized package plants with a capacity up to 500 m3/day consisting of:

Scope of Supply

40 ft according to ISO- standard (12,4 x 2,4 x 2,8 meter).

Fine filters:

100 % standby, easy hand- ling, bag filters rating: 5-10 micron, non corrosive plastic housing.

Pressure pump, Energy recovery:

high-efficient plunger pump


8″ spiral wound high re- jection type, OEM-warrenty 3 years.

Pressure vessels:

high-quality GRP-vessel.

Chemical dosing:

2 complete dosing stations for acid and sodiumbisulfite including stand-by pumps.

Cleaning unit:

complete automatic cleaning-in-place (“CIP”) system.

Remote control:

GSM-based on-line support

  • Low specific water costs due to high energy efficiency: ~2,5 kWh/m3 (with energy recovery)
  • Compact modular units
  • Low chemical consumption
  • High quality materials like GRP, seawater resistant
  • stainless steel (SMO 254, 1.4539 Duplex)
  • All plants are function-tested prior to dispatch to allow for quick start-up at site
  • Complete installation into a 40 ft container
  • pH Adjustment
  • Remineralization
  • Post disinfection
  • Data monitoring

ACON Environment GmbH optionally provides all required pre- and post treatments, according to your water analyses and permeate requirements.

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