Ultrafiltration Unit

for the production of drinking water out of surface water

Our transportable ultrafiltration unit cleans up to 2500 m3 surface water per day. This can provide up to 15.000 persons to cover their requirement from freshwater.

The ultrafiltration unit is modular and transportable in 20″ and 40″-containers. The unit completely preinstalled and ready to operate. It is simple to handle. The unit capacity can vary due to un- steady inflow conditions.

Ultrafiltration, which belongs to membrane filtration processes, is a pressure driven filtration technology.

The flux rate or the filtrate flow was assumed with app. 80l/m2h.
The total recovery of the plant is about 90% of the raw water inflow (at FNU<2). App. 10% of the inflow has to be discharged as backwash water into a sewer.

The cleaning can be accomplished by a so called „chemical enhanced backwash” (CEBW) with NaOCl for disinfection reasons once or twice a day. Additional a more intense cleaning will have to be made app. every three months.

A basic membrane filtration process diagram is illustrated in Graphic 1:

There are different processes to clean the feed water and to make a fresh drinking water. Next side it shows you the different contaminations and cleaning processes. Based on the contamination of the feed water, the cleaning processes are used optimally.

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